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Because it is a stay type resort facility, it is full of fun throughout the year.

Access to historical sites / cultural properties visits · Okayama · Kurashiki sightseeing · Family spot is also convenient!

  • ◆Enjoy historical sites and cultural assets

    SUNTOPIA OKAYAMA SOJA area centering on Soja City where SUNTOPIA OKAYAMA SOJA is located is a treasure house of historical and cultural assets.
    Please enjoy time travel to ancient times.You can feel a dream and romance.
    • Kinojo

      ●Approximately 25 minutes by car from the hotel

      It is also a place related to Momotaro Legend【Kinojo (Mushroom)】
      It is an ancient mountain castle located in the southern green of the Kibi Plateau an altitude of 400 m to 600 m, and is also famous as the stage for devil elimination of Kibitsuhiko no Mikoto.
      Kinojo is a mountain shaped like a mortar bent down, from the 1440 ml eye of this mountain to the 1620 ml eye, the castle wall is circling around the 2.8 km in the form of a belt.
      The inside of the castle surrounded by the wall is a vast thing which is about 30 hectares (about 6.4 times of the Tokyo Dome), there are 6 flood gates, 4 castellated gates which are entrances and exits in the castle, and corner stone building traces considered as food storage It has been confirmed.
      For peripheral West Gate and facilities to prevent the blind spot of the city walls Kakuro of the gates is to Fukumoto, you can witness the robust of ancient Yamashiro part of the time.
    • Scenic Gokei

      ●Approximately 20 minutes by car from the hotel

      Takahashi River a tributary of the Takahashi River Makitani River, a valley upstream of the Makitani River.
      It is known for its distinctive taste even in the Soja region with a mild climate.
      In the valley, Edo (time period) late Edo (time period), including Tenchu-ho chopped two characters of "Tianzhu" of Totoan Takemoto writing was also a doctor in the Chinese poetry person born Bizen Yoshinaga, Tsurugi Peak ( Ken Ga Mine ), Untei-Mine, only cliffs and stone columns alone with granite, such as Eboshi Stone has to Gunritsu on both sides of the mountain stream of Makitani River The harmony between these rock beauty and clear flow · autumn leaves is a place of scenic beauty that creates magnificent natural beauty and is designated as a scenic spot of the country.
    • Iyama Hofuku Temple

      ●Approximately 15 minutes by car from the hotel

      Iyama Hofuku Temple, known for its legendary painting of a Sesshu in tears, is the main temple of the Rinzai Sect Tofukuji School south Rinzai Sect Tofukuji School, a rare temple that produces many high monks.

      ◆Sesshu(1420 to 1506)◆
      Bitchu Akahama (currently Akahama, Soja City), he trained at Hofuku Temple when he was a child.
      After that, I was driving also in apprenticeship of Gagyo under the Suiboku(ink-wash painting)Painter Shubun while learning the Zen in the up Shokokuji Temple to Kyoto. After studying at Unkoku An (Yamaguchi), I went to the Ming Dynasty of the ink painting in earnest in full swing.
      After working in Yamaguchi again in the mid 60's, I continued my life at the age of 87.
    • Kibitsu Shrine

      Kibitsu Shrine where Momotaro Legend breathes
    • Bitchu Kokubunji Temple Five-storied Pagoda

      ●Approximately 20 minutes by car from the hotel

      Bitchu Kokubunji five-story pagoda rising in the precincts of Bitchu Kokubunji is a representative landscape of Kibi-ji.
      It is the only five-storied pagoda in the prefecture, designated as an important cultural property of the country.
      The current five-storied pagoda is a large-scale tower with a total height of about 34.3 m and is made of bronze ware made of wooden tile roof.Up to 3 layers are made of beads, and 4.5 and 5 layers are mainly made of pine, and the center pillar reaches from the top of the tower to the companion in the center of the tower.The first layer, in the center of the Dainichi Nyorai (center central pillar), east Ashuku, west Amida, south Hosho, the north has been enshrined Gochi Nyorai of Fukujoju
      The ceiling is in a lattice pattern, paintings painted on the ceiling boards and the colorful paintings such as the seasonal flowers make the temple more strict.
  • ◆Enjoy Okayama · Kurashiki sightseeing

    Okayama and Kurashiki are just a few steps away from SUNTOPIA OKAYAMA SOJA Soja.
    You can enjoy the classic spots such as Okayama Korakuen Garden and Kurashiki Fine View District happily.
    • Kurashiki Fine View District

      Kurashiki River the surface of the Kurashiki River reflects the white houses' houses and the Kurashiki River of Kurashiki River beds is exceptional.The area is dotted with many cultural spots including the Ohara Museum of Art of Ohara Museum of Art.
    • Okayama Korakuen Garden

      One of the Nippon Best Three Gardens.The completed Daimyo garden by 4 feudal lord Tsunamasa Ikeda to Genroku years. Facial expressions that change every season are beautiful.
    • Washuzan·Seto Ohashi

      Enjoy panorama at Washuzan mountain towering over the cape at the southernmost tip of Kurashiki City, which is perfect for watching the bridge of dreams connecting Honshu and Shikoku and the beautiful landscape of the Setonaikai.
  • ◆Enjoy with family! Family spot!

    Okayama is also full of family spots!
    Let's play family carefully Family theme park!
    • Hiruzen Plateau

      Jersey cow that gently grasses with gentle mountains back.Such pastoral sight spreads "West Karuizawa"Hiruzen Plateau
    • Toy Kingdom

      The first nationwide "Toy" theme amusement park.
      It is extremely popular with Chibiko at the experienced pavilion and character show of a fulfilling toy maker.
    • German Forest Kronenberg

      Resort type theme park surrounded by nature.You can also enjoy tasty German specialties, sheep ranch and horseback riding.Seasonal flowers are also beautiful, you can spend the day relaxing by family.
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