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Children support

Information for children support

  • Suntopia Okayama Soja welcomes guests with children.
    We are doing a variety of assistance so that even those with children can feel at ease.
    If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Coloring book

    Coloring books are available

    We are preparing paintings available for children in the vicinity of the restaurant entrance
    You can use it freely.
  • Picture book

    Please take the time to cook your meal

    Please use it when waiting for dishes at the restaurant
    You may find a nostalgic picture book
  • Children's bed

    Please rest assured even for a small child

    We have children beds in the restaurant.
    ※There are limits to the number.

Children support other than restaurant

  • <We will inform you of the contents of the child support within the facility.
  • Kids park

    In the facility there is a park which can be enjoyed as a pool in the summer and as a park in other seasons
    A colorful secret base at the "PIRATE SHIP ship"! ? There are playthings that children can enjoy, such as "Athletic Castle".
    Please ask the front desk when using.
  • Picture book bookshelf

    To make yourself enjoyable

    Before the front desk we do free rental of picture books, stuffed toys, Othello, cards and cards.
  • Diaper stand

    We are preparing in the public bath.

    We have baby 's diapers table and diapers bucket for large public baths (female).
  • Bath chair

    Take a leisurely bath with your child

    We are preparing in the public bath.
  • Step for children

    We rent out at the front desk (limited quantity)
  • Baby bottle sterilizer

    We rent out at the front desk (limited quantity)
  • Auxiliary toilet seat

    We rent out at the front desk (limited quantity)