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Precautions for use

  • About Wi-Fi, we are implementing it as a part of the comfortable service in the guest room, but we do not guarantee 100% Internet environment.Regarding the communication speed, although it is one that provides a permanent connection environment, communication environment may be slowed down due to overlapping of customer's environment, line congestion situation, and usage time zone.Also, radio waves may be weak depending on location.Please note.

    ■When using a terminal such as a personal computer, tablet terminal, smartphone etc. to be connected, we ask you to protect and manage the security in regard to your own individual responsibilities.

    ■We are not responsible for any infections caused by your own operation, communication interception, information leakage and loss, unauthorized access to other personal computers, impersonation operations, malfunctioning of your terminal, other damages .Please note.

    ■Please do not refrain from using internet fighting game, file exchange software such as P2P, sending / receiving a large amount of data, continuing for a long time, connecting acts affecting the system, and illegal acts.In the event of discovering this behavior, you may disconnect your terminal from this system without prior notice.

    ■For security reasons, we can not answer inquiries about information such as system (including IP address).Please note.

    ■Please understand that this system may be suspended without notice due to communication equipment, line, provider failure etc.