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  2. Banquet·Legal requirement

Banquet·Legal requirement

Information on banquets (From 8 people)

Special Advantages○For parties using a nightly breakfast ¥ 6,000 yen (tax excluded)
※1,000 yen up on the day before Saturday · holiday day※Special institution (except GW · summer vacation · New Year's holiday)
○We also operate a free shuttle bus.Please contact us.(8 people or more)
○Banquet···For those who use free room service 2:30 free service

Kaiseki Meal, Course

  • ※The cooking photo "Kaisen Cuisine 5,000 yen" is an image.

    【Reservation required】

    4,000 yen(tax excluded)·5,000 yen(tax excluded)·6000 yen (tax excluded)

    ·Substitute pot
    ·Grilled Dish
    ·Fried food
    ·Pickled Vegetables

    ※Please understand that the contents may be changed depending on the purchase situation.

    All-you-can-drink Plan, 120 minutes
    plan A, One person, ¥ 1,600(Sub tax not included)
    beer·Sake·Shochu·Non-alcoholic cocktails(Peach SOJA·Other)non-alcoholic beer·Oolong Tea·Orange juice·Apple juice·Calpis

    plan B, One person, ¥ 2,100(Sub tax not included)
    Above, all-you-can-drink, plan A, 1,500 yen for cocktails, cocktails (Peach SOJA, others), whiskey, coffee high, cola, coffee, tea, Peach SOJA

    "Benefits", ※Reservation required
    A, Venue room charge free, 2 hours 30 minutes, Japanese banquet hall, ·, Western Ballroom
    ②, Free shuttle bus, one way, Within one hour, 8 people or more
    ③, Karaoke free, Bingo game free lending, ※Please prepare the bingo card · prize by the customer. 
    ④, Overnight Stay Package: Breakfast Included, One person, ¥ 5.000, Sub tax not included, ※The day before Saturday · holiday, \ 1.000, UP

party, Course

  • ※Cooking picture is an image.

    【Reservation required】

    4,000 yen Tax excluded ~

    ·Steamed food
    ·Seafood Dish
    ·Meat Dish
    ·Bowl objects

Western Food, Course

  • ※Cooking picture is an image.

    【Reservation required】

    4,000 yen Tax excluded ~

    ·Hors d'oeuvre
    ·Seafood Dish
    ·Meat Dish
    ·Bread or rice
    ·Dessert & Coffee

Children's cooking

  • Children's text


    ※Maximum number of characters: 2000 characters

■Celebration party meal

  • ※We will accept gift separately.

    ※The photograph is an image.Menu may be changed depending on purchasing situation and rate plan.
CelebrationFrom 6,000 yen(tax excluded)
¥ 7,000(tax excluded)
8,000 yen(tax excluded)
Celebration(Western course)From 5,000 yen to(tax excluded)
Children's cooking (for children)From 2,500 yen(tax excluded)
Children's cooking (For infants)From 1,500 yen(tax excluded)
Grilled sea breamFrom 3,500 yen(tax excluded)
Raw cake(Bespoke)From 3,500 yen(tax excluded)


  • Thanksgiving Day, Alumni Association, Forget · New Year's party, etc. Parties · We accept banquet.
  • ■There is an all-you-can-drink plan well.(8 people or more)
    ¥ 1,600(tax excluded)
    beer, Sake, Shochu, Non-alcoholic cocktails (Peach SOJA, Other)
    non-alcoholic beer, Oolong Tea, Orange juice, Apple juice, Calpis

    ¥ 2,100(tax excluded)
    the above+Various cocktails(Peach SOJA, Other), whisky
    Barrel Hikola, Coffee, Black tea, Ginger ale
Sake (180ml) (We also offer local sake.))450 yen(tax excluded)
beer(A medium bottle)¥ 650(tax excluded)
Chu-hi400 yen(tax excluded)
whisky6,000 yen(tax excluded)
Shochu¥ 2,300(tax excluded)
Wine(375 ml)From 1,800 yen(tax excluded)
juice(bottle)300 yen(tax excluded)
Oolong Tea300 yen(tax excluded)
Coffee·Black tea400 yen(tax excluded)
Orange juice400 yen(tax excluded)
  • We will prepare a special seasonal cuisine cuisine for gatherings of memorable individuals.
    We will also prepare the venue according to your wishes and number of people, including western style room, Japanese style room, restaurant private room etc.

■The diaper is at home and the essence is at Santopia

  • We will provide free pickup.(We will use it for 10 people or more.)
    I will pick you up at your designated time.On the way back, it is possible to stop at Soja Station.

■Ototome and Legal in Santopia

  • Recently, an altar was set up at the hotel, after the legal requirements of the temple by the temple, the legal requirements of moving the seat are well done.
  • 【Altar charge】 Altar only 30,000 yen (Supplementary · Tax excluded) / Including dedicated flowers 50,000 yen (Supplementary · Tax-free)
    【waiting room】 3,000 yen(3 hour cross included·tax excluded)
    "Altar ware", From 6,000 yen(One pair·tax excluded)

Legendary party meal, Children's cooking

  • Legal kaiseki cuisine “Tsubaki” / 6,000 yen tax not included
  • Legal kaiseki cuisine “Botan” / 7,000 yen tax not included
  • Legal Kaiseki cuisine “Yuri” / 7,000 yen tax not included
  • Legal kaiseki cuisine "Fuji" / 8,000yen
  • Elementary school-aged children, 2,500 yen tax excluded
  • Infants, 1,500 yen tax excluded

Legal pack catering menu cuisine

※We do not sell for the period from May to September.

  • Packed kaiseki cuisine “Kiri” / 6,000 JPY
  • Packed kaiseki cuisine “Katsura” / 7,000 yen tax not included
  • Packed kaiban kaiseki cuisine “Kaede” / ¥ 8,000 tax not included

Legal dish, additional fee

  • Black bean rice

    180 ml folding, 600 yen, tax excluded
    1.900 ml folding, 800 yen, tax excluded
    7 size container, Input 2.000 yen, tax excluded

  • Burasaki
    1 serving, (In an octagonal container), 600 yen, tax excluded
    270 ml folding, 1.000 yen, tax excluded
    2 servings, (Including 7-size container), 1.500 yen, tax excluded
    Three servings, (8 size container), 2.500 yen, tax excluded
    4 servings, (8 size container), 3.500 yen, tax excluded
    900 ml, (, 1.4, Kilogram, ), 4.500 yen, tax excluded
    1, Square 9.000 yen, tax excluded

  • Sushi rolls
    180 ml folding, 600 yen, tax excluded
    2, For now, 1.000 yen, tax excluded

  • Susumu sushi, (Sushi rolls, ·, Ibarune sushi)
    270 ml folding, 700 yen, tax excluded

Because the menu changes according to the seasons and purchase, thank you for your understanding.

To customers

  • ※We have a pick-up bus for over 8 people. Please reserve a shuttle bus at the time of reservation.
    ※, Also your preparation of your crude memorial service, if it is possible to say budget and the number, we will prepare even Santopia
    ※, Packed meals are not sold from May to September for food poisoning prevention.
    ※ Suntopia Okayama Soja, Suntopia Okayama Soja prohibits take-out of basic dishes.
    ※However, if you would like to take home a multi-course meal / packed meal, please understand that Santopia is not liable for any meals that you can take home.
    ※When you take home, you may get a signature.

■We can arrange for coarse drinks.

  • ◎, Crude product

    As you can prepare, please ask the clerk at the time of reservation.
  • ·seasoning, A rice cracker, Assorted tea etc., From 1,500 yen(tax excluded)
    ·Fruit box, From 2,500 yen(tax excluded)
    ·Melon box, From 3,500 yen(tax excluded)
  • ●Depending on the arrangement of the table, there is a change in the number of people to be accommodated.
    ●The fee for the exhibition will be three times the above fee.
    ●Reservation starts from 1st date 6 months before.
    ●In case of penalty / cancellation, number reduction, depending on the facility provision, we may accept a penalty fee