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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About Room Service

    We are sorry indeed, but room service is not accepted.
    Please use the restaurant or lounge.
  • Which is the place of meals?

    Please use the 2nd floor restaurant "White Brick".
  • Is there a flower shop?

    There is no store in the facility, but arranging bouquets and arrangements is possible.
    Please contact the front desk if you wish.
  • Is there a vending machine for drinks / cigarettes?

    We are located.
    Sweets, Appetizers, Coupling · · ··1st floor, Second floor
    Alcoholic beverage···1st floor, Second floor
    Soft drink···1st floContinue reading
  • Do you have an ice machine?

    Please tell the ice to the front desk.
    Since there is a limit in quantity, we may refuse.
  • Is there a shop?

    There is a souvenir corner on the second floor.We are preparing original cookies, peach Taro dango, leaves and so on.(Products may change deContinue reading
  • Are there tea ceremonies and lounges?

    There is a lounge "Four Seasons" on the second floor.
    【Opening Hours】9: 00-18: 00
  • About laundry service

    Laundry, dry cleaning, press are accepted.
    Reception from 9:00 to 12:00 hours reception: next day 18 o'clock delivery
    Please contact the froContinue reading
  • About sending and receiving fax

    Fax transmission / reception is available for a fee.Please inform us that you will enter your room number and guest name when you receive itContinue reading
  • Do you have a business center?

    There is no business center.
    Please ask at the front desk when using copy or fax.
    【Charge】·Copy black and white ¥ 21, Color \ 53, FAX \ 50
  • About the summer pool

    There is an outdoor pool (on site).In addition to the running water pool, there are also 4 kinds of water sliders, children's pool and play Continue reading
  • Is there a strollers lending?

    I'm sorry.
    Baby strollers are not lent out.
    Please note.
  • Is there a child goods sale shop nearby?

    15 minutes by car from the hotel,
    There is Nishimatsuya.
  • How many people can I use the meeting room?

    You can use it from any number of people.
  • About loan of equipment (such as projector)

    We have the following preparations.Please tell us at the time of reservation.
    ●Microphone(One, ¥ 500)
    ●Screen in, ¥ 1,000, Big, ¥ 3,000
    ●proContinue reading
  • About sauna

    The sauna is also located in the public bath with both men and women.
    Bathing people can use it free of charge.
  • Is there a public bath?

    We are located.
    Guests staying from 15:30 to 23:00, from 6:30 in the morning until 8:00
    Available for free.
    Please understand that you can aContinue reading
  • What is the dryer etc in the public bath?

    We have installed a hairdryer and weighing scale in the dressing room.
  • Is there a shuttle?

    When using more than 8 people, there is a free transfer between JR “Soja Station” and our hotel.
  • Is there a parking space for wheelchairs?

    We have a parking space near the main entrance.
  • Is there a parking lot?

    Parking lot is available free of charge.There are about 300 car parking spaces.
    Please understand that there is no space with a roof.
  • Can I bring in food and drinks?

    Children's baby food and other than milk
    We do not accept bringing to the venue,
    Please bring in your room as you please.
  • About baggage shipping

    【In case of advance shipment】
     After contacting us in advance, your baggage we received
     We will keep check-in except for valuables, food anContinue reading
  • Will you keep my luggage after check out?

    Yes, before checking in, of course,
    We will keep your luggage even after checkout.
  • Is it possible to arrange massage?

    You can arrange.
    Since we will arrange after you contact us, about 30 minutes to 1 hour
    It takes time.
    Depending on the situation of use youContinue reading
  • About taxi arrangement

    We accept at the front desk.It takes about 20 minutes if it is a normal case until taxi arrival.
  • What is the point of note when visiting in winter?

    From late December to late January there is a possibility of snowfall or road freezing.Please visit us by tire chain necessarily.
  • About golf course

    Kibi Country Club is 15 minutes by car, Kibi Country Club Kibi Kogen Country Club is 20 minutes by car, and Kinojo Golf Club is 25 minutes bContinue reading
  • Is there a rental cycle?

    There is a rental cycle shop Araki Rental Cycle before Soja Station For details, see `` Araki Rental Cycle'' (0866) 92-0233
    Please contact uContinue reading
  • Please tell me about the tourist attractions in the surrounding area

    The Soja there is a Bitchu Kokubunji Temple Five-storied Pagoda Gokei, Hofuku Temple, is in Kurashiki There are Bikan District
    Soja Kinojo Continue reading

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