【Official】Suntopia Okayama Soja

Restaurant "White Brick" grand menu renewal

Please see the meal page for details.

Golden Week Overnight Stay Plan

  • GW overlooks the Takahashi River and feel the natural air while relaxing

    ◆Golden Week (5/2 to 5/4) accommodation plan!

    Supper is a buffet and all-you-can-drink soft drinks (free!).Enjoy the dishes made with local ingredients and the stalls of sushi and roast beef to your heart's content!

    We are looking forward to your visit with infection prevention measures and hygiene management.

    ·Building ·Grilled sweetfish with salt ·Grilled Spanish mackerel ·Shark fin bean paste chawanmushi
    ·Soft boiled peach pork ·Qin peanut tofu
    ·Tsuyama Hormone Udon ·Yellow leek and Takahashi River yellow clam soup 
    ·Tempura(crab,Young sweetfish,Yushima Hasune,Makura beef bunch) ·Beef simmered in red wine
    ·Crab and mizuna crepe roll ·Approximately 27 types such as vegetable potage
  • <Infection prevention measures in buffet>

    For customers to enjoy their meals with peace of mind
     Thank you for your cooperation.

    ·Please disinfect your hands at the restaurant entrance.
    ·The space between the seats next to you is wide.
    ·We have a partition between the seat next to you.
    ·We ask our customers to wear gloves and masks when cooking.
    ·We often serve dishes on small plates in advance.
    ·When using some tongs, we will not use it with other customers.

Lunch Buffet

  • April Creative Chinese Fair【4/17 (Saturday) -4/23(Friday)】

    <Restaurant White Brick>
    Business hours 11:00 to 15:00 (90 minutes system) Last entry 13:30

    ※ Of eight or more, we will pick Soja city, Mabi town.

    Price Adults (junior high school students and above) ¥ 2,000 including tax
       Children (3 years old to elementary school students) 1,000 yen including tax

    Contents ☆Yellowtail Kama Japanese style chili sauce ☆Shrimp seafood dumplings ☆Shark fin bean paste chawanmushi ☆Mapo tofu
       ☆Chinese style Vichyssoise tofu ☆Colored Twice-cooked Meat ☆Seafood spring rolls ☆Street food ramen
       ☆Cooked rice with roast pork ☆sashimi ☆Homemade sesame balls ☆Annin tofu
       ☆fruits ☆Petit cake ☆About 28 types such as ice cream
       ※Subject to change depending on purchasing situation
  • May Kyushu Fair【5/15 (Saturday) -5/21(Friday)】

    <Restaurant White Brick>
    Business hours 11:00 to 15:00 (90 minutes system) Last entry 13:30

    ※ Of eight or more, we will pick Soja city, Mabi town.

    Price Adults (junior high school students and above) ¥ 1,430 including tax
       Children (3 years old to elementary school students) ¥ 660 including tax

    Contents ☆Kakuni of black pork(Kagoshima) ☆Sara udon(Nagasaki) ☆Chicken nanban(Miyazaki)
       ☆Karashi Renkon(Kumamoto)☆Homemade Satsuma-age(Kagoshima) ☆Cold juice(Miyazaki)
       ☆squid soup(Kumamoto) ☆Spring asparagus(Nagasaki) ☆About 25 types such as Mojiko-yaki curry
       ※Subject to change depending on purchasing situation

Spring welcome and farewell party plan

  • Seasonal Kaiseki cooking course(Reservation required up to 3 days in advance)

    ※course image of 7,700 yen (tax and service charge included)
     The contents may change depending on the stocking situation.

    5,500 yen (tax and service charge included) course
    7,700 yen (tax and service charge included) course
    11,000 yen (tax and service charge included) course

    -Menu- 7,700 yen (tax and service charge included) course
    Amuse seafood cocktail
    Hors d'oeuvre forest chicken sauce
    4 kinds of sashimi
    Poisson salmon grill
    Fried food Shrimp Fresh fish Vegetable tempura
    Boiled rockfish and tofu boiled
    Roasted Wagyu beef ribs on a ceramic plate
    Vinegar Mamakari Ayu roll cucumber
    Food Anagomeshi
    Two kinds of incense
    Reservoir Seasonal bowl species
    Dessert seasonal fruit  
  • ·

    ※course image of 11,000 yen (tax and service charge included)
     The contents may change depending on the stocking situation.

    All-you-can-drink plan (120 minutes) 1,760 yen per person(Tax included)
    〔Bottled beer, sake, shochu, highball, oolong tea, Calpis, orange〕

    【Special Advantages】
    Dining venue Free up to 2 hours and 30 minutes!
    Free shuttle bus within 1 hour one way!
    We will prepare a bingo game.(Please prepare the card by yourself)

Takeaway bento(Until 4/28)【Soja city We accept delivery for 2 or more meals】

  • The chef of our hotel will pay attention to hygiene and will make it with sincerity.

    ※Click the bottom right for other food photos.

    Shrimp tempura egg and rice bowl 800 yen including tax
    Hotel curry (colored vegetables and chicken curry) 800 yen including tax
    Chicken Nanban lunch 800 yen including tax
    Fried shrimp and healthy vegetable lunch 1,000 yen including tax
    Beef boiled in red wine Bento 1,300 yen including tax
    Boiled conger eel chirashi sushi 1,500 yen including tax
    Shrimp conger eel Tendon 1,500 yen including tax
    (Contents may change depending on the purchasing situation)

    ※Please place your order at least 2 days in advance.
    ※Handing over is from 11:00 to 18:00
    ※Delivery is from 11:00 to 13:00 16:00 to 18:00
    ※Please contact us at least 2 days in advance for the final change.

【Large Communal Bath】Information on changing business hours and cleaning dates

  • Changes

    4/26 (Monday) Open as usual 10:00 to 22:00

    4/28 (Wednesday) Cleaning day Open from 13:00 to 22:00

    5/6 (Thursday) Cleaning day Open from 13:00 to 22:00

    Thank you for your understanding.

Our response to the prevention of new coronavirus infection

  • The following measures are being taken to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

    1. When entering the building, please use the temperature measurement system to measure the temperature.

    2. Humidifiers (using slightly acidic electrolyzed water) are installed at each venue such as the lobby and restaurants.

    3, we have installed splash-prevention film at the front desk, restaurants, shops, etc.

    4.Please install antiseptic solution at each place such as entrance, front desk, restaurant entrance, and ask the customers to use it.
  • ·

    5. The number of tables in the restaurant is reduced and the space between the tables is wide.
      At the breakfast buffet, one person's gloves will be provided.
       Also, please cooperate in wearing the mask.

    6.Ventilation and disinfection work is performed at each venue, which is different from normal cleaning.
     (Ventilation and disinfection of common areas such as lobby and elevator)
    One case:(Front desk) Disinfection of room keys, breakfast tickets, front counters, etc.
    (Guest rooms) Focus on disinfection of areas touched by people, such as guest room doors, TV / remote control, and telephone
  • ·

    7. The large public bath dressing room is ventilated by opening fans and ventilation windows.
      A disinfectant and a humidifier (using slightly acidic electrolyzed water) are installed at a dressing room.

    8. To manage the health of employees, such as measuring the temperature in order to respond to customers in good health
      I am paying attention.
      Employees wear masks and respond to customers.

    9. A sterilization sheet is put on the buttons and handrails in the elevator.
      We also have an alcohol spray.

    We sincerely ask for your understanding and cooperation.

    Suntopia Okayama Soja Manager

About GOTO Travel

  • 【Items to comply】Please note the following when staying.

    For details, please refer to "To everyone who uses the GoTo Travel Business" from the left.

    ① When traveling, check your body temperature such as a thermometer every morning and refrain from traveling if you have a fever or have a cold symptom.
    Also, please use the contact confirmation app.

    ② During travel, please carry out "new travel etiquette".
    3 Avoid places and facilities where crowds occur, and refrain from making loud calls.

    (3) Please cooperate with the temperature instructions at check-in, identification, 3 secret measures, and other employee instructions regarding infection prevention.In addition, identity verification will be carried out for all participants, including accompanying persons, so please bring your license and other documents.
  • .

    ④ If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher during temperature measurement, be sure to follow the instructions of the employee.

    (5) Group travel for young people, group travel for elderly people who are prone to serious illness, and travel with banquets for large numbers are generally considered to be high risk.
    If you do this, please travel appropriately, assuming that you can take steps to prevent infection.

  • About reservation

    You can make a reservation from our website or the following travel site.

    ※When you make a reservation from the company's homepage, when you complete the GoTo Travel Campaign
     No discount is applied.After booking, move to STAY NAVI service,
     Please complete the Goto campaign discount procedure (member registration).
     GoTo travel campaign issued by STAY NAVI at the front desk after the coupon is issued
     The discount is applied by presenting the discount coupon number.

    【Jalan Net】,"Rakuten Travel", "Yahoo Travel",
    【JTB(Rurubu Travel)】,"Kinki Japan Tourist (e lodging)",
    【JAL pack】

GoTo Travel Regional Coupon Dealers

  • It can be used in shops, restaurants, coffee shops, sports facilities, etc.

    ·Cash cannot be exchanged.
    ·Even if you use the amount less than the face value of the regional common coupon, you cannot change.
     Please pay in cash etc. for the shortage of payment.
    ·No refunds will be given for returns of goods or services purchased using regional coupons.
    ·Regional coupons cannot be exchanged.

GOTO Eat in Okayama Prefecture Premium Meal Ticket Dealer

  • Restaurant "Shirorenga" / cafe Can be used in all four seasons.【Reservation required】

    〔Restaurant Shirorenga〕
    Business hours 11:30 to 14:30(Orderstop 14: 00)

    〔Cafe four seasons〕
    Business hours 9:00 to 18:00

    Expiration date extended until June 30, 2021 (Wednesday)

Then you can use the resurrection ticket!

  • Period of use October 1, 2nd year (Thursday) -March 31st, 3rd year of Reiwa(Wednesday)

    【Cautions】The period of use may change depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus.
    ·This ticket cannot be resold.
     This ticket can only be used at gift certificate stores in Soja City.
    ·It is not possible to pay utility bills or purchase other gift certificates or securities with this ticket.
     If you use this ticket for less than face value, you will not be able to receive change.
    ·If this ticket is significantly damaged or dirty, it may become unusable.
     The issuer cannot be held liable for theft, loss or loss of this ticket.
    ·This ticket is valid until March 31, 3rd year of Reiwa.

Non-smoking notice

  • This time, Suntopia Okayama Soja, from February 28, 2020
     Smoking is prohibited in the hotel's main facilities (including guest rooms, banquet halls, and conference rooms).

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    Suntopia Okayama Soja

Children support

  • Information for children support

    Suntopia Okayama Soja welcomes guests with children.
    We are doing a variety of assistance so that even those with children can feel at ease.
    If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

    ※Coloring books, picture books, stuffed animals, Othello, Trump, Carta, etc. have been discontinued to prevent new coronavirus infection.

Free Wi-Fi All rooms are available

  • Information on Wi-Fi

    Suntopia Okayama Soja has set up a wireless LAN access point in all guest rooms to provide an environment where you can use the Internet via Wi-Fi connection.
    Guests who wish to use wireless LAN service can use in the guest room if you bring in wireless LAN built-in personal computer, tablet terminal, smartphone etc

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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