2019, Guidance of outdoor pool!


    There is a running water pool with a total length of 180m and 4 types of sliders!
    The children's kid's park has a shallow pool, slides and play equipment.

    ◆Business day
    7/6(soil), 7/7 (Day)
    7/13(soil)To 9/1 (Day)
    9/7(soil), 9/8 (Day)

    ◆Opening Hours
    10:00 to 17:00 (7/13 to 8/3, 8/5 to 8/9)

    9: 00-17: 00 (8/4, 8/10 to 8/18, 8/25)

    ◆Usage fee
    2,000 yen/adult (tax included)
    Middle school students, High school student 1,700 yen (tax included)
    3 years old ~ 1,000 yen elementary school students (tax included)
    60 years old or older 1,500 yen (tax included)

    ※Half use from 15:30! (Sales by 17:00)
  • 【Running water pool】

    ●180 m in length, 7 m in width, Water depth 1 m
        ※Height limit 120 cm (Parents can bring children under 120 cm)

    ●10 minutes break every 50 minutes every hour (All swimmers get out of the pool and take a break)
  • 【Water slider】

    ●124.75 m in total length (Blue lane)
        ※Height limit 120 cm (Less than 120 cm can not be used)

  • 【Straight slider】

    ●Total length 30.8 m
        ※Height limit 120 cm (Less than 120 cm can not be used)
  • 【Rock mountain slider】

    ●There are 6 lanes
        ※Height limit 120 cm (Less than 120 cm can not be used)
        ※Three lanes on the right are junior high school students and above
  • 【River Ride Slider】

    ●89 m in total length, Use rubber boat
         ※Height limit 120 cm (In the case of less than 120 cm, 2 persons can slide on a guardian consent ride)

  • 【Kids park】

    ●Waterfall pool, Depth 45 cm

    ●Fountain kids pool, 50 cm deep

    ●Kids wide slider, 3m
  • Outdoor pool terms and conditions

    ◆The following persons will not be admitted.
      Infectious diseases, skin diseases, sore people, people who have a cold, when wounds do not go away, when you are hungry, when you are tired,
      Those who are stopped by a doctor, who are drunk, who are tattooed, who can not keep the terms of service

    ◆Take a break for 10 minutes every hour for accident prevention and health maintenance.

    ◆Underwater glasses, glassware, other dangerous items and oversized boats and others can not be brought into the pool.

    ◆There is no admission for animals or pets. (Excluding guide dogs)

    ◆You can not swim with a towel, towel, clothes, etc. (Rash guard not included)

    ◆The use of sun oil and lotion is strictly prohibited.
  • ·

    ◆No barge on site.

    ◆Please do not run in the hall.

    ◆In the running water pool, swim along the stream to prevent accidents.

    ◆When swimming, be sure to take a shower and do a preparatory exercise.

    ◆Please eat, drink and smoke at the designated place.

    ◆Please note that we are not responsible for loss or theft.

    ◆As injury such as injury in the hall takes no responsibility other than first aid, please be careful about accident prevention.

    ◆Please follow the instructions of the staff in the hall.

    ◆If the venue is crowded, entry restrictions may apply.

    ◆We may stop business due to the weather.

  • 【rental】

    Floating ring, 300 yen (tax included)
    Beach ball, 100 yen (tax included)
    Air pump(Oversized), 300 yen (tax included)
    Air pump(Floating ring), 200 yen (tax included)
  • Food corner, "tax included"

    ※Please understand that the contents may change.

    Sanuki Kitsune Udon, 500 yen
    Soft or soft crab, 500 yen
    ramen, 500 yen
    Curry and rice, 500 yen
    Japanese style curry udon, 500 yen
    5 types of oden, 500 yen
    Sanuki Bukkake cold noodles, 400 yen
    Yakisoba, 400 yen
    Three yakitori, 350 yen
    Fried takoyaki, 350 yen
    Chicken wings golden grilled, 350 yen
    Fried chicken, 350 yen
    Potato cheese bowl, 300 yen
    Shaved ice, 300 yen
    shaved ice, 250 yen
    Edamame, 250 yen
    Frankfurt 250 yen
    American hotdog, 250 yen
    French fries, 200 yen
    Hokkaido croquette, 150 yen
    Chicken cheese large cigar, 150 yen
  • ·

    Grilled rice ball, 150 yen
    Triangular crepe ice, 300 yen
    Frozen Mikan, 300 yen
    Bakudan Ice, 200 yen

    Ramne, 150 yen
    juice, 100 yen
    Draft Beer, 600 yen
    non-alcoholic beer, 300 yen
    iced coffee, 300 yen



Children support

  • Information for children support

    SUNTOPIA OKAYAMA SOJA welcomes guests with children.
    We are doing a variety of assistance so that even those with children can feel at ease.
    If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Free Wi-Fi All rooms are available

  • Information on Wi-Fi

    SUNTOPIA OKAYAMA SOJA, we installed a wireless LAN access point in all the guestrooms and prepared an environment where you can use the internet via Wi-Fi connection.Guests who wish to use wireless LAN service can use in the guest room if you bring in wireless LAN built-in personal computer, tablet terminal, smartphone etc

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